Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography (CT) is an advanced imaging system that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce comprehensive images of any part of the body.

CT scans are much more detailed than regular X-rays and can identify many conditions that can escape detection on other imaging tests. They evaluate the head, blood vessels, neck, chest, heart, lungs, abdomen, pelvis, bones and joints. By pinpointing areas of concern we can help detect diseases before they cause symptoms and while they can still be successfully treated, such as heart attack and lung and colon cancer.

Private Service

We perform low dose CT as private pay exams, offering diagnostic and Health Assessment scans. Typically, we can see most patients within 24-48 hours, and we do our best to provide your doctor a detailed written report by the next business day.

Diagnostic imaging is tailored to locate abnormalities after you have developed a symptom or your health care provider has discovered a problem.

Health Assessment Scans are designed for the early detection of diseases before they become clinically apparent. Here's a list of our preventative CT Health Assessment Packages.

  • Mayfair ASSURANCE - Includes Heart and Lung Scans plus a Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • Mayfair PREMIER - Includes Heart and Lung Scans plus a diagnostic CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. This examination is offered only to patients with clinical symptoms in the abdominal or pelvic areas. It requires oral and IV contrast.
  • Mayfair ESSENTIAL - Includes a Coronary CT Angiography plus a Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • Mayfair COMPREHENSIVE - Includes the Mayfair PREMIER plus a Virtual Colonoscopy.



Wear clothing that is easy to remove from the waist up.


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Our Technology

The world’s first high-definition CT scanner provides unprecedented image quality, giving your doctor sharper detail for a more accurate diagnosis. High definition also means lower radiation. Our revolutionary Discovery CT from GE Healthcare features technology to reduce your exposure to radiation by up to 50 percent.