Mayfair Academy is a destination for people to create, engage, and embrace opportunities for learning, training, and ingenuity. It is founded on our belief that education changes lives and it is essential to achieving our vision to create a world in which every person has clarity about their health.

Healthcare Professionals

Mayfair’s Continuing Health Education sessions offer health care professionals an opportunity to explore interesting case studies in an open and collaborative space.

Study with Us

Gain access to best practices, accredited curriculum for technologists and other health care professionals, and engage with a vibrant community of practice.

Community Workshops

Committed to supporting the health care journeys of people and the organizations and community groups that support them, Mayfair offers educational workshops in the communities we serve to bring people greater clarity. 

Mayfair Employee Learning

A secure site for Mayfair employees to gain accreditation and learn new skills for ongoing development and advancement at Mayfair.